Hey, I am Lydéric

Created: 2021-01-31
Last updated: 2021-02-09 21:23

Hello world !

I'm Lydéric Dutillieux, I'm 22 years old at time of writing, and I'm passionate about technology, business, investment, personal development and science.

There are many things I would like to achieve in my life, including working full time on solving most of the world's challenging problems.

For now, I'm mainly earning a living as a Freelance Software Engineer, with Origénial and investing most of my time in developping a platform, called Ponceleo, that aims at expanding the lifespan of people's goods and fighting against planned obsolescence.

I love sharing, that's why I have been maintaining this blog about my thoughts on our world. It should not be seen as a "push-only" blog, but rather as an asynchronous way of communicating with everyone. I love discussing, so feel free to reach out and let's talk about whatever you want.